Saturday, 5 May 2018

Over Again

There are things which
I would change in my education
No doubt also for you
If it helps cross mine out, replace with yours

I would keep the Mathematics, and the Sport
(But not the cross country)
I was good at both, and they served me well

I would keep Art, and English
But taught quite differently
Taught by doing, not by learning
Taught by getting heaps of exposure
Taught by getting masses of positive feedback

For the sciences Physics is a maybe
(After all I did become an Electrical Engineer)
But Biology, and Chemistry are not for me
How many times have I used the table of elements
Or had to dissect a pickled big toe

I would have Conversation, Social Skills, Meditation
And something about Psyche and Psychology
Providing one with the skill set
To enable one to explore oneself

I would have an Understanding of Confidence
And how to achieve it
Also an exploration of doubt
And how to keep it in check, or avoid it

I haven’t mentioned History
Mainly because I don’t know where I stand
If it is essential then I would have to place it in context
Not simply to learn lists of names and dates
And anyway who did win the battle of Bosworth field
And did it matter (and did it matter that I knew)

Nearly at the end, yes I know
We could go on and on
But for now I turn to Music, and Religious Studies

I am at that stage of life where music, and spirituality
Both bring me great solace and inspiration
If only they could have been explored
With more imagination in my youth
Instead of being served up as something
You could or couldn’t do
Something you could or couldn’t understand
Something you could or couldn’t care less about

I will end with Creativity, whatever that means
But I would have at least one class every day
And two, on Mondays and Fridays


I forgot altogether about Languages
And no wonder
In my case it was French, I hated it
And I was totally useless
My teacher was a brutal bully
Without an ounce of empathy, or an inch of style
But if it had been Rousseau, or Sartre, well yes
Then I might have gone the extra mile

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