Sunday, 7 June 2009

Slip away

Good heavens time fly's by

The reason I have been absent is due to the residential poetry retreat that Paul Sutherland and myself, and our friends from Louth Poetry Group, are going to be running at Woody's Top YHA in October (Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd to be precise).

In the exitemenet of those early spring shoots I took on the task of producing a website...a few weeeks later and the final draft is is as they say 'a learning' process.

Anyhow the creation of this piece of information electronica gave me some virtual and real satisfaction, you can see the results at:

But it is time to get back to poetry, the BBC with their Poetry Season have done a brill job over the last few weeks, Robert Webb's journey around Lincolnshire (and Paris) where he beautifully exposed and welcomed us into both his world of Poetry and through Eliots Love Story of J Alfred is on the BBC iplayer for a litttle while yet. Neither the sands of Skegness or the sunsets of Horncastle will ever feel the same again, thanks to Robert (and his wife for her intricate and delicate and boundful poem).

Latitude Festival (I have waxed lyrical about this, the best of festivals before and July 2009 sounds as though it will be an equally enormous cultural extravaganza)They are running a poetry competion, I'm sure you will find it on the web site: