Sunday, 30 January 2011

Space for the reader to wander through

A pleasure shared gives the pleasure of time to ones soul

In my talk on In Search of Beauty I wanted to let the Phoenix Writers know about the poet Thomas A Clark. I played them Track 9 from the album I send you this Cadmium Red by John Berger and John Christie with music by Gavin Bryars. The audio interlude gave me time. The same sort of time that I had taken earlier in the week, on the shingle at Dungeness, where I saw Derek Jarman's Prospect Cottage with its sidewall poem; a landmark tracked down among the beautiful dereliction. The musical presentation set me thinking. I concluded that what Gavin Bryars had given to the readers/listeners was the time and space to wander through, time to sojourn among the writers/readers words. How then am I now to capture this atmospheric into words alone?

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Saturn the imperceptible star sign

So there I am reading Mister Moore's Care of the Soul and loving his words about Saturn (the chapter before his words on the body's poetics of illness!). Sinking slowly into sleep I determined to follow his themes up in the morning. How disappointed then not to find Saturn among the signs of the zodiac in the plethora of internet horoscope websites. It's made a complete bugger of my poem, but boy have I discovered some new words, and encountered some wonderful but completely incontrovertible barmpots along the way...thank heaven for mankind, not that I believe in that celestial stuff of course.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Resolution Number 1 (Thanks to Spandau Ballet's Chant Number 1)

It is the last day of the holiday. It is the first day of a new tidier life. Today the study is to be attacked with venom, after I have been to the post office and taxed the car if I can find the documents that is. Already you say you can see me mid afternoon reading an old letter or an old poem; more likely to have abandoned the sorting regime for a numerical indexed computer base model; all my life soon to be on the mac air flash memory is the dream. But first a car, for without a car there is no work, and without work there is no disposable income (as the Americans say) to buy the aforesaid computer.