Sunday, 3 April 2011

Artistic Motivation - Disaffected

The Dissertation Series comes nearer home, into its third round, with the poets response to Looking at Self an exhibition featuring Lucy Jones at the Usher Gallery - Lincoln, January 2007


Troubled, bent double, creased up without laughter
Bubble, creosote and stubble, the strong sense of ones lost temper
If I sit a thousand hours will it mean anymore
If I touched your crumpled skin or smelt old piss

Why would I

Better to turn away, steer clear
Make for certain not to be affected
Fall back into my shallow ways
Turn down the lights
Turn away from the musing

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Artistic Motivation - Postcard

The Dissertation Series continues, with the poets response, during the final visit of the second cycle, to the Poets in the Landscape exhibition featuring Various Artists, at the Pallant House Gallery - Chichester, May 2007


Graham Sutherland on holiday with Peter Watson, John Craxton and Kathleen Sutherland

Three petals on white
Camouflage in shadow
Greens with blacks

Entrance to a lane
The picnic hamper is somewhere other
Of the gesture yawned at
By the overlapping seas
Waving in the settling sun

Who is to say
Let things come to rest
Or who is to say
Let things come otherwise