Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Futurity Lost

So how is Paul Smith coping, or Levi Strauss
Or Lee (I don’t know his second name) or Uniqlo
Or even Marks and Spencer’ I do know
That XXXXXX went to the wall
Just after I bought my last pair of denim jeans
It’s not so clear for the shirt part of my wardrobe
Yes there is Charles Tyrwhitt and M&S
Yet ever so many without a brand name
Or a house style to draw me in; I did try
Grieves and Hawkes, but, just like Pink
Their shape was not my shape
Though I do wonder how Jeff Banks is bearing up

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Presently Lost

I found the pen, and ink, but I didn’t find the book
And I have no desire to turn the house upside down
So the first good idea of the day is shelved
Put on the back-burner, held in abeyance, until who knows when

Yet already I have started composing the verse
To go with the picture, with the shadow, with the chiaroscuro
To go with the light out of darkness, or quite the reverse
As the white ink may have said, to the black paper

Monday, 1 March 2021

Theme Tunes

Late Saturday afternoon, heading towards teatime
I went into an empty bar, on a college campus
I might remember where, in the fulness of time
I bought a lager beer, then walked over to the juke box
Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd was my first selection
Then probably Led Zeppelin, or John Lennon’s Imagine
Anyway, by the time Free Bird was reaching a climax my table
Was awash with other students, here on my summer school
And so it was, in those first few minutes, I had found
My companions, for the rest of the week of creativity
Of course some left our group, and others joined
But the nucleus remained, as if we too were a troupe
I only tell you this because last night, more than forty years
After the event, it came to me in a most realistic dream
If I wanted to find out where the bar was
How on earth would I go about it

For a long time Free Bird was on every juke box
In every bar, on every university campus
Not just in England but all over the world
But it was England, for I only once went elsewhere
That was to Sterling, Scotland; where the initiation ceremony
Was to sit in a circle and play rugby-style drinking games
So maybe it was York, or Reading, or Bath, or Durham, or UEA
I have left out Sussex for I know exactly what happened there
And I know that at Warwick I was on my own, working
On my master’s dissertation, with no escape to Lynyrd Skynyrd
And using the process of elimination it wasn’t vibrant Bath or UEA
Neither was it Reading, nor Durham for they were both very dull
Right now I have just watched a twelve minutes
And thirty two seconds Youtube video
Of Free Bird being played live in Atlantic city
One song supporting a cast of hundreds
One song entertaining a chorus of millions
One song spread out across so so many years

Sunday, 28 February 2021

White On White

Meteor showers
Invisible depths
Of humankind
Making marks
For soul, heart, and mind
Satisfying body, and spirit
By going back years
Into the sub-conscious
When play, and exploration
Came way more naturally

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Hats Off, To Love And Ice Cream

Always sunshine, but sometimes also rain

Always expectations, but sometimes just waiting

Yes, that sense of being somewhere, sometime

Soft sands, boats on the river; the three-cornered basket of love

Always drifting, but sometimes also daydreaming

Always encouraged, but sometimes just held back

Yes, that sense of well maybe, or maybe not

Warm air, cobbled streets; the three-cornered cornets of vanilla ice cream