Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas

Only later did I read of his love of YKB

Instead I wrapped presents
Read a poem by Derek Jarman
…fucking, fucking, fucking

I came with nothing
I was given nothing;
given nothing, but
the tongue-tied gift of love

A clear September night
on a quiet hilltop
sat, counting the stars
with tear filled eyes
blurring the darkness

I go with nothing
I gave everything;
gave everything, except
the tongue-tied gift of love

…fucking, fucking, fucking
a poem from myself the poet –
she unwrapped presents instead

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christopher’s booklist from Alford Manor Workshop

Yukio Mishima: Spring Snow (The sea of fertility) …I told Kri about this dream…dreams, memories, the sacred – they are all alike in that they are beyond our grasp
Chris Drury: Silent Spaces - An artist who works in the wilderness areas of the world building shelters
Poems for Shelter - The house that Jack Built – Alan Brownjohn – In this City
Jay Parinini: Why poetry matters – Place is crucial for Eliot
Gaston Bachelard: The poetics of space – A wonderful book that teaches you exactly what it says on the tin
John Lane: The spirit of silence – A tough and gentle book by an author who has sought out silence…silence brings us into touch with the inner depths which elude us in the hurly burly of our everyday lives
Carlos Domingoes: The paper house…the wall were crammed with enormous glass bookcases that stretched from floor to ceiling…a fable about the power of literature to steer our destinies
Paul Mathews: Sing me the Creation... Statement: Question: Exclamation: Command…everything that we say or write is bound to be one of these The best source book for creative writing exercises that I have come across by far…loads of leads
Bell & Magris: The creative writing coursebook…from the MA at UAE…a very workmanlike item for self study support