Friday, 4 May 2018


Hello Christopher

O, hello (I wish I could remember your name)

It’s been a while hasn’t it, are you still writing

O, yes (so I must have met you at a writing do)

I so enjoyed the piece you wrote about being over there while still being over here

O, wow (some time back then, when I was intrigued by Godot)

It is difficult don’t you think, to not just follow the rules, to try to find your own style and stick with it

O, I suppose (I never did learn the rules, and as for style I never found one anywhere)

I’ve got a new collection coming out, it’s about make-up, and why it’s now women not men who wear it

O, good (I never saw originality has her strong suit, but I won’t say so right now)

The idea came to me in Venice, when I was buying a mask for the grand ball

O, indeed (another impoverished poet, I’m not sure I want to remember your name)

Yes, it will be out in spring, you will come to the launch party won’t you

O, well (who is the publisher, will I get the chance to name drop)

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