Thursday, 3 May 2018

Half A Mind

I open up to the physiotherapist
Say that I do want to do as he asks
But look, I just cannot move my arm

He moves it for me, without undue pain
A lot of trouble is in the head you see
Yes I say, for these past twelve months

I have been protecting my left shoulder
Bending, and shaping
In all sorts of unnatural ways

To prevent work for that muscular area
In the meantime the physiotherapist says
You have forgotten how to relax Christopher

Always you are tense
Always you are overcompensating
And yet all the while

I have been meditating
I have been learning to still the mind
Learning to be mindfully aware

But I have neglected to be aware of my body
And why should it now play ball
Right now, just because I want it to

No, no, first for sure
My body will say, Christopher
You must go through the pain barrier

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