Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Cobbled Up

I wake early
But already I
Hear Peter leaving

In someone else’s
House I tiptoe
Raise myself quietly

I boil the kettle
Find the refrigerator
Make a cup of tea

There is a light mist
But already daylight
On a beautiful day

The living room
Is dark, all curtains
Are closed, it is warm

I slowly draw back
The corner blackout
New-light streams in

I begin to read Jane’s
Book ‘Too busy
To live your life
What with the birdsong
And the cockerels
I think that unlikely

This is the quiet
Of the countryside
A good day awakening

We drank their wine
Ate their chocolates
Listened to their music

And now I gaze, let
My eyes fall, onto the
Simple vase of freesias

This is a home, and
It is what we aim at:
Joy and bonhomie

Ash still cools, in
The open fire grate
We both say thank you

For your invitation
‘A good do’ we say
‘Pity it’s time to go’

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