Monday, 23 April 2018

Read Even More Into The Bubbles

Before I was responsible
The world had a beauty
Yes, when I was irresponsible
There was a freedom

So, on return to St Aubin’s harbour
Both responsible, and irresponsible
We sought out, and found
Both the beauty, and the freedom

Detached of all of our responsibilities
We were free to be irresponsible
Two bus rides to Grouville, after a few glasses
Of bubbly, to send us on our way

Yet how not to try to mix
The here, and the now
With the there, and the then; how not
To shake, and share, the cocktails

For all I have, of my past, and my present
Are in these pint fold outpourings
So many memories, so few photographs
Except for those we have taken today

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