Thursday, 10 November 2016


There warms
That heat of sun
There cools
That chill of breeze

All is, as all could be
Birds and buggies
Adults and children
Sculptures and trees

Always here
A certain stillness
With the birdsong’s
Chatter and conversation

Always here
A certain peace
With the easy way
And the endless means

There was that heat of sun
There was that chill of breeze
All was, as always could be
Shadows and clouds and
Light and reflection

The glass topped cabinets
Told a different kind of story
Of Land Art
Artists explaining away
Their own contemplations

This is not for everyone
As if to share
Another’s soul searching
Brings one too close
To ones own insecurities

It is the breeze
That brings me back to life
It is the dappled sunlight
On the water
And among the grasses

It is the sight of herons
Nesting and in flight
It is that good
Good Friday
Goodness abroad once again

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