Tuesday, 8 November 2016


In the doorway
Down the hall
Great expectation
Of the call

Paint a picture
Of a hill
Take exception
Stand quite still

For the doorway
To the cill
Frames the picture
Of life distilled

Now you are home
Home at last
No more city life
No more living fast

Take your time
Take it slow
Find the line
In those you know

For the home
To the slow
Settles the sign
You began to show

In the country
On the moor
Beside the river
Refreshed, assured

Take your camera
Steady the shot
Gather the light
Believe what is not

For the country
To the crop
Serves the camera
Gives up the plot

Now you are someone
Youthful and creative
Testing yourself
Deeply investigative

Look far beyond
Yet closer too
Search for shelters
Which extrapolate you

For the someone
That's living too
Lays just beyond
Your innocent view

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