Friday, 16 February 2018

BBB Poem 97

Does it matter
Where the inspiration comes from
Just so long as the inspiration turns up

Richard Rohr in his book Immortal Diamond
Says that The contemplative mind should be religion’s unique gift to society.
It greases the wheels of spiritual evolution.

I would rather
That he had not tried to claim this gift
Solely on behalf of religion
For it is my belief that mankind alone has gifted that beauty, which is the contemplative mind

And from where that contemplation comes
And to where the contemplation takes me
Is a response entirely down to my own life:
To my highs and lows
My hopes and expectations
To the life I have lived, and which am still living
To my night-time dreams
And to my daily disappointments

I am almost overloaded with the words
And the images from the social media Tumblr
Yet I feel good, I feel upbeat, and positive
For having trawled the familiar, and the new
I am pleased
To have had a conversation with my soul
With my friends
Out there in the contemplative ether

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